Farcaster Frame Mint - Follower Mechanic

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  • A summary of the issue
    Im using the follower mechanic, and people that already follow me cant collect, only new followers. This is causing people to unfollow and then refollow me.

  • What is the expected outcome?
    Anyone who follows being able to collect

  • What is the actual outcome?
    Unfollow and then refollow to mint.

  • Steps to reproduce this error
    Click mint when already following me. There is no status. No congrats, No denial. No nothing.

Farcaster post to collect:

Farcaster username:

Same thing happened to me. Some people got it to work by recasting but that was not a requirement that I had set.

Most had to unfollow then follow. Hardly anyone minted mine compared to the last one I dropped.