Farcaster Frame Mints - Update on increasing Base gas fees and mint times

Over the last few days, Base’s fees have skyrocketed by 100x. This has affected the delivery of Farcaster Frame Mint tokens…

What happens now:

For those who’s Farcaster mints have been affected and are waiting on delivery, all queued mints have been recorded and will be delivered once gas prices settle down.

Going forward:

To account for the high gas prices we’ll be implementing a delivery window of up to 7 days for frame mints. This window is to optimize delivery times while we actively monitor network traffic.

An update tomorrow will help you provide your collectors with a bit more clarity:

  • Upon mint, collectors will see a “Mint incoming!” frame message.
  • After delivery, collectors will see a “You got it!” with a confirmed delivery date.

Our goal is to reduce this delivery window. We are working with base and actively monitoring this situation.

This might not meet all use-cases but we’re eager to learn more about your delivery needs. We’ll be keeping this thread updated and look forward to your comments.


Thanks for the update!

Do free frame mints only allow one mint per wallet/ user?

Can they be made with minting access that is limited to allow and disallow lists?

I want to exclude all the people that follow then mint and immediately unfollow from my future free drops.

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We’re back up and running!