FEATURE: Duplicate Claim/Burn please

I use a lot of metadata and dealing with multiple claims and burns on my newest drop has been MAX PAIN

Please please please make a way to be able to duplicate/copy a previous claim like you have for tokens

Do you have a sample of one of these claims? Would love to see how much metadata you’re looking to add.

I second this yes it would be so useful.

Since we can duplicate ERC1155/721 metadata in just a click already, can we have the same feature for claim pages ?

All of these claims are great examples of tokens that have a ton of metadata (and a lot of shared properties)


On the claim pages UI it would be ideal to have a “duplicate claim” feature next to “delete claim”

with this feature I think I can 4x my project execution, in the case of jordan is more like 20x (omfg max pain fr)