Flat price listing ERC-721 Listed as Auction

I’m hoping to list some NFTs as a flat-price listing, but the auction details are still in the interface options and are showing up in the review data before I list. I’ve uploaded two screen captures to show what I’m seeing. I’ve considered listing the auction time to 00:00:00, but if feels like I should be able to list for a flat/fixed price from the documentation. Thank you! +++++ Casey


Yeah sorry about that, that does look confusing. Just created a new listing to double check for you and since you are listing a 721 – on that first screenshot (03 Configure Listing page) you can just leave the defaults on that

  • on first purchase
  • listing duration 1 day (don’t worry about this, since you are only selling the one and on first purchase makes the listing immediately purchasable)

And should work as you expect.

Thank you! I really appreciate the quick reply and advice. +++++

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No problem, and thanks for the feedback! Cleaned up the form, so for fixed price listings the default is just to start now and go until sold or ended – without any additional configuration.