“Forecaster” 200 mint NFT mints out before correct link is posted

Hello all. I’d like to initiate a conversation with any mods or devs that has some level of seniority up in here.

I had an issue a month or two ago. It started with an awesome open claim (which I ended early because I knew nothing about NFTs so after a short spell I stopped it,I misinterpreted a warning message )… it ended with me paying you guys for 400 mints: I paid for the 400 (200/200) so users could mint for free on warpcast via a frame.

What happened is bizarre & I need some help and an extra set of 6-10 eyes on what happened I believe it shows substantial evidence of tampering / malicious hacking.

When i copy/pasted the link for #3 contract below this is what I pasted into warpcast:

(its subtle and smoking as much weed as I do I did not see it at the time)

While I was fumbling around with my cell phone, warpcast and notebook trying to figure out why the link wasn’t working, the #3 NFT minted out in minutes I from what I can tell.

1 (Good stats good mint) 0xa78977b5f76cedf3d13864c46e08ad6ac4350571

2 (Minted out suspiciously, fast) 0xdd28e88c314363f5d433a7dcc3d8f3885161f491

3 (Minted out in seconds) 0x753d438873cc3eebbf17a59e81dd129073c9b899

Im definitely not wanting to blame any of you. I’m simply wanting to discuss what happened to break things down step by step so I can better understand. I also thought it was quite interesting as I found some of the culprits by searching their addresses on farcaster (not forecaster). Anyway I was upset for a while. I did not post on here to address this because I was so upset. I do feel like addressing this now.

I look forward to your responses.


I do want to discuss this please