Frame App Upgrade issues and what is needed

Hey guys, I was waiting for the upgrade, and was thinking maybe you add:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: choose duration of mint
:currency_exchange: add pricing features
:heavy_check_mark: whitelists / allowlists
:framed_picture: better “framing” for square or vertical media
:arrow_forward: native audio/video player
:scroll: add custom properties

It took you 24h to add the option to pre-pay for the supposed gas involved.
I paid, 0.0095 ETH for 100 mints, and the frame doesn’t work :sleepy:

Any guidance is much appreciated. <3
Thank you in advance.


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6th frame also doesn’t appear in the token list, while the contract says 6 tokens.

The frame validator on warpcast, shows that everything is sound, yet when hitting button 1 it says not found. That has been the case with every user since the upgrade.

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Hi, we had a delay with farcaster data propagating that has now been fixed. Sorry about that.

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