Frame mint base fails due to an error insufficient fund

i’ve been trying to mint on frame base, both transactions were successful but when I hit publish I receive error of insufficient fund.
tx hash

Hi, the transaction you posted is related to this claim:

Are you trying to make another one? If so, please try refreshing again and hitting publish again. If it’s over 5 mints, there’s a cost associated with it and you should see a request to pay with eth.

Also, what wallet are you using? Just want to make sure there’s no weird issue (e.g. are you using WalletConnect)?

If you’re trying to publish a new frame mint, you might not have enough money in your wallet on base. How many mints are you trying to do?

how can I make this token to show up in warpcaster with mint button?

You just post the link:

It should show in farcaster as a frame with a mint button.

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no, just this token for now. I had an issue that when I was opening the base contract, the token tab wouldnt show up, but now its resolved.
I am using connect wallet MM.

is it possible to set price or its gonna be free mint?

Frame mints are free sponsored mints. Paid claims with frame support being launched shortly!