Frame Mint Contract Creation

Hey Manifold,

Glad you are working on Frame Mint!!

I opened the app, and see I have NO Contract. I already have an ERC1155 and 721 Manifold contract.

Can you point me to instructions on how to create a New Contract per the Frame Mint on Base app?


gm your contract should appear in the Farcaster Frame app if you’ve previously deployed an 1155 contract on Base.

Can you confirm that the contract you previously deployed is on Base?


NO, I have not yet deployed a Base contract.

Is there a recommended naming system for deploying L2s if you have a brand, such as FAST?

For example, suppose you have an ENS name, FAST
FAST has ERC 721 contract/tokens on L1
FAST also has ERC 1155 contract/tokens on L1

If you want to maintain continuity with your FAST brand name, what do you recommend creators consider naming their new contract when deploying to an L2 such as Base or Optimism?