Frame Mint to Base - Fails

Is the “Frame Mint on Base” App currently working? After uploading my image and typing in all my info, on the last page I now see a blank image and my contract has no image either. Screenshot attached. I went ahead and tried to mint, but I ended up getting an error about insufficient funds. I did have the required amount specified on the manifold page:

  • Required funds - 0.002 ETH
  • 5/25 editions sponsored by the Manifold team :beers:

Any help appreciated.

Ive added more Base and was able to get the transaction to go through. The images still showed up as blank but once minting and looking in Farcaster it appears to have worked.

Where do I see the token? The contract currently shows nothing minted to it in Manifold Studio? Shouldnt I see something here?


Hi makeitrad,

Can confirm it should be working. Just created a frame with mint.

Once you know someone has minted the token on Farcaster.

  1. If you have your Frame App Instance still up you can open the link in browser. (If you closed the tab you can go here Manifold Studio after signing into Studio & then find the instance) Should look like this when you get there

  1. You can take that link and open it in browser. Which will then give you the contract address on Base network

  2. You can look up that contract on then look at the “Events” tab (Example)
    There should be a Method: deliver if a token has been minted (This may take like up to ~5 minutes after the button has been pressed on Farcaster.


and then if you see that, it should be on OpenSea

Thanks David, This is indeed how mine works as well. I guess its just kind of confusing cause the “list” url you gave me above doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere on the site. None of the previews are working, and the NFT itself doesn’t show up as a Token when looking at the contract in Manifold Studio. While this is a great feature it seems it needs further development so that it is intuitive to use.

With all that said my piece minted out last night and I can confirm it shows up on Opensea. Is there a plan to make the above fixes and also have these items show on Manifold Studio?


Good to hear, makeitrad.

Yeah I agree, we are working to make it more seamless.
Sorry for the confusion!

Awesome! Thank for your help today David! Appreciate it sir! :pray: :sparkles:

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