Frame, not... working?

Hi there!

So, the frame it’s working, it’s just weird… I can’t edit the price or the aspect ratio. It’s just showing the landscape format instead of the square. Am I doing something wrong? or should I just wait for it to update something?

I’ve seen some beautiful 1:1 aspect ratios, and I know some ppl have tweaked some settings like price and stuff. I’ll be ready for some feedback, thanks for taking the time!

Hey, thanks for sharing. You didn’t do anything wrong, Frame Mints currently don’t currently have a setting for 1:1 aspect ratio. Frame Mints also don’t currently support changing price.

If you’re looking for more customizability, check out the Claim Page app, which currently supports minting with Warps and allows you to edit price and other details after you publish. See this: Warpcast

Awesome! thanks for the explanation Ediep!
Appreciate your time on this, I’m gonna make these from now on :saluting_face: