Gallery App not loading base contracts

0xe61350768565a459c8d803b3F7a25616719958c8 is my wallet

I’m attempting to list NFTs that I have minted with manifold on the gallery app. However every time I attempt to do it, It tells me I have no contracts available and suggests that i create one. When i click the link to create one it just redirects me to the home page.

I noticed on another thread one of the mods here reset something to remove this glitch. Can you please do the same for me?


Not sure what thread you’re referring to but which token are you looking to list for sale? Can you send the Gallery link of the token? Are you the current owner of this token?

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0x00414BaaC119E3b37716A8711B1525117E84ab11 is the contract address

I can’t even create a gallery is what I’m saying

Hi there Artefacts!

You should be able to see contracts in the Gallery app now!

The issue was that your wallet address was removed from your inventory, so none of your contracts were populated on the inventory tab. I went ahead and re-added it for you.

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Champion :muscle: thank you