Gallery App: Referrer fee (options?)

Hey fam …

Is it possible to have the ‘referrer fee’ in the Gallery App as a ‘check’ option instead of fixed?


Option to pay X% to Manifold instead?

I know the team probably wouldn’t add a fixed % option here, so let the community decide if and what % they are happy to pay you for your work. I am not alone in wanting to support what Manifold do. I believe it is far more important in the long run.

For ref, I run OSHI gallery IRL in Melbourne Australia, a cultureB4capital crypto/NFT/digital art gallery. First built 2020 and relaunched on the day of Eth Merge 2022. We’ve worked with 1000’s of artists over the past 20yrs years, as artists ourselves, and owning galleries/artist studios/art print business. We’ve helped onboard 100’s of artists in the NFT space since 2018, and have advocated the manifold app as priority to every single artist since day 1.

A little thread on the history of what we’ve done for the NFT space in the IRL realm …

Simple fact is, I’d rather pay Manifold a % of our gallery curation/exhibitions for the services you have provided.

Appreciate all you do!