Gallery App: Unable to make new listings

It appears there was an update made to the app in the last few days. Now select listing type gives you two choices “Listing” or “Auction”. If I select either of these and then go to select a token, nothing shows up in any of my contracts. I have many unlisted tokens in my contracts and all I see is “You have no assets minted on this contract yet! Mint a token to use this app!” under every contract.

I have a planned drop and really need to get this working.Thanks.

We’ll need a bit more info to figure out what is happening. Can you give us a few more details/screenshots? Can you provide the wallet address you’re using to login to studio? What contract type/tokens are you looking to list for auction?

just sent you a DM with my wallet address. Here is a screenshot of the app when trying to add a token from any of my contracts to list. It says every contract does not have any tokens created yet, which is not correct. I have mostly ERC1155 Tokens created that I want to list, but unable to right now for either auction or regular listing.

The latest contract I created is in the upper far left in my account which has 1 new token, but I am currently unable to list from any of them. The app is just not recognizing that I have created tokens in the contracts.

that is not correct. I have several ERC1155 NFTs in Gallery right now. It initially was only ERC721, but they updated t to include 1155’s.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - Will look into this

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Should have a fix in the next hour!