Gallery dashboard “Total Earnings” are incorrect


The “Total Earnings” displayed on my dashboard are incorrect. I’ve had 25 sales @ 0.025 ETH for this piece via the Gallery app, but it shows 0.03 ETH.

Hey typo! Sorry about the inaccurate data. We are working on more detailed sales reporting, with a release date TBD. For now, I would trust your instinct + etherscan for accurate data. Thanks!

Can you see if the stats are correct now?

Hi wilkins — it’s currently showing 0 (still incorrect.)

What is your studio user account so I can look into this?

My address is 0xf54fe7f5f0f8d13ce9b685b8ad167b466b637f0d — let me know if I’ve misunderstood the request.

Alright, can you take a look now. We see 24 purchases.

Thanks wilkins — I see 24 purchases too on the dashboard, but I listed 25, and 25 were sold, unless I’m missing something.

Here’s an etherscan link with a couple of filters applied. Screenshot below.

Got it, fixed the data, thanks for alerting us!

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