Gallery Listing Issue: Unable to Select Listing Type

Wallet Address: 0xa66bBC133Fa4c83876198dB5C9a928cD969AD73C

I’m going through the new minting/listing process on Manifold. I managed to mint using “1 of 1” but I keep getting an error when trying to list via "Gallery Listing”.

In “Gallery Listing”, right after selecting the listing network (mainnet), I get a message: “Congrats! Your updates are published.” before even being able to select the listing type. When clicking “Continue”, I get an error page: “Oops! Token needs to be set before previewing.”

I am using a MetaMask wallet on Brave browser.


Please help!

gm! Thanks for bringing this up - Just to confirm, this is happening when you are creating a listing not editing one right?

Hey Pablo, we made a couple changes just now. Can you try again?


Yes, thank you! It seems to be working fine now. Much appreciated the quick response.