Gallery page descriptions don’t render \n as individual line breaks


I’m finding that Gallery pages — on Sepolia at least — are not rendering individual line breaks as expected, where \n is used in the description in the metadata.

I’m finding that \n\n is rendering a new paragraph. Is it possible make \n render a line break? Or is there another method that Gallery supports to render individual line breaks?

hey there typo!

we use markdown for displaying the descriptions for our collector experiences (gallery, claims, etc.). thus, in markdown, a single \n in the description will render as a continuous line, as markdown does not count that as an individual line break.

to do an individual line break, try preceding the line break with two spaces, for example:

my first line  \n
my second line

in the example, the \n is emphasizing the whitespace (don’t actually type that). please give this a try!

Thank you — this solution appears to work on the Gallery page (screenshot right), but causes an additional unwanted space in other contexts such as OpenSea (screenshot left).

Code pasted below to verify that I have spaces as you suggested.

"description":"A 100% onchain typographic glitch study by typo.eth. \n\n\u2014 Touch to glitch.  \n\u2014 Key \u201CI\u201D to invert and reflect."

I think I’m going to go with a \n\n solution between each line, unless there’s another way. It creates more space between the second and third lines than I would ideally like, but it’s consistent between contexts at least.

"description":"A 100% onchain typographic glitch study by typo.eth.\n\n\u2014 Touch to glitch.\n\n\u2014 Key \u201CI\u201D to invert and reflect."

Related to text encoding, it would be great if these pages rendered unicode characters such as em dashes and curly quotes without needing to escape them.