Gallery Page Errors

GM Manifold,

Been minting with Manifold for over a year now, and honored to be a part of something so beneficial to web3.

I created a collection of 1/1’s a while back, and began implementing the “curate” gallery feature for it so that collectors can mint my pieces outright; however the mint prices come up with a strange error now, and I’ve love to find a solution in order to keep marketing the page I created.

The “page” is hyperlinked above.

Attached you’ll see a screenshot of what I mean:
Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 8.35.01 PM

Malikaii Mask

Hi Malikaii,

This app belongs to sweetDropNFT. I have contacted them and they are looking into this issue currently. Will keep you update once they responded back to me.

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Hi Malikaii,

SweetdropNFT mentioned the bug has been fixed

Have a great day!

I absolutely love how quick that was. Thank you so much.

I sent them a follow. Do you have a twitter I can follow as well?
It’s dope to have such great support on here.

Anyways cheers,
Malikaii Mask

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