Gallery Page Won't Load

I minted a token yesterday on an existing contract and the manifold gallery page still will not load. The file is an MP4. It is showing up on one marketplace: Rarible but no other marketplace best I can tell. I generally list on MakersPlace.

Token 100: Are You My Mother?

gm! Love this piece - Seems I can view it fine on Gallery now. Is it showing up on other platforms? If you’re seeing it on Rarible it seems like it was minted properly.

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Odd that this will not resolve on manifold gallery or where I plan to mint it: MakersPlace. I did inquire with their dev team and this is what I received from them.

it looks like the metadata of this artwork is not ERC-721 compliant, which shouldn’t really be possible since this was minted on an ERC-721


contract. Their dev teams said that the metadata needs to be updated and pushed to arweave. This is what they told me: "the latest token (#100) does not have valid metadata according to the ERC-721 standard. …… The ‘image_url’ is missing, which our system (and I’m sure others) rely on for getting a display image. The broken token #100 is missing image, image_url, and image_details. "

I just tried to upload a new thumbnail and update the metadata. Fingers crossed that this work.s

Seems the issue is that there is no “image” metadata when file type is MP4 and this is causing an issue with the token displaying on both the Manifold Gallery and MakersPlace and any other marketplace that requires “Image” for Thumbnail display of MP4.

To get an image url you would have to attach a thumbnail image as well to your token.

I did upload an image and I can see it on the Media details page

Hi, from what we can see, this token now has valid metadata and a PNG uploaded as the image.

Can you confirm everything is resolved?