GBM Bid-to-Earn Auctions Proposal

Hi All,

I wanted to highlight our patented GBM Bid-to-Earn auction mechanism which could be an awesome addition to Manifold Gallery’s single page auction sites

With GBM, whenever a bidder gets outbid, they make a return, introducing the concept of Bid-to-Earn.

For the project, GBM has been proven to supercharge both the number of participants and the sales price.

For your community, it turns every auction into a much more rewarding and engaging experience, where you either win the NFT or walk away with a payout- ensuring everybody wins!

We are already battle tested with over 50,000 auctions completed and over $200m in bidding volume running through our smart contracts

Heres our 1 pager doc, which runs through the key points and numbers:

We also ran a large empirical study last year which proved how the GBM auction mechanism has a higher first bid, higher bids overall, a higher selling price, a higher revenue for the seller, fewer bids and takes less time to reach its final bid than an English auction — all other things being equal. You can find it here:

Would love to hear your thoughts!