Generative art 0/999, reposted cause no response for 17 days


I want to release Generative Art Series 0/999, randomly generated like Artblocks on my own custom manifold contract, code stored on the blockchain, fixed price, lazy mint I suppose. How do i make this happen? I’m aware i have to code an extenstion but I wouldn’t want to mess up. I have deployed ERC721 contract, minted one token cause of royalties but that’s about it.

Thank you

gm! Our developer documentation might help you get started: Introduction - Manifold Docs

gm Lindo,

the examples don’t work Lazy Mint Extension ERC721 - Manifold Docs my guess is cause you haven’t updated from Rinkeby to Goerli

The example links may not work, but the instructions should still be the same.

You can try deploying extensions and playing with your goerli contract by following the same steps. Let me know where you get stuck.

I’ve also updated the examples for more clarity, please let me know if you get stuck.

Hey Wilkins,

I’m fashionably late&stuck

My first question would be how should I deploy the extention using remix? Cause there are different contract templates to choose from moreover where should i put the mint extention code in exactly sighs

Another question i have is, after i deploy all the extensions necessary (tho i think its only the lazy mint one, the code and ), will it be possible to use the Gallery or people should mint through the contract?(how does that even happen)

oh also regarding the traits like color palette etc would you happen to know how does OS register them? Should they be in the art code or separated in order for them to show up

Thank you

You can deploy through remix.

Would suggest you try all these things on a test network like goerli first.

As for the other questions:

  1. How to mint:
    You can have your own mint site for minting in this case. Or alternatively pre-mint all tokens and list them on whatever marketplace you choose.

There is an option for doing this using gallery/marketplace similar to, but that is a technically complex task and unless you have a development background, is probably not feasible.

  1. On traits. It’s simply part of the metadata you return. You can test this on goerli and check the opensea testnet to ensure things show properly.


Pre minting the tokens kills the fun (for gen art specifically) or at least i think that. My own site? How does that work

I’ve chosen to use filebase cause their free plan is up to 1000 tokens, no need to pay $20 a month to maintain it for the rest of my life to pinata for the same thing (irrelevant info for you probably lol but decided to share)

Thank you

You’re going to need someone with a development background to build out a gen art lazy mint site atm. We don’t have a no-code solution for this.

sighs, so pre minting is my only options in this without looking for developers?

it sort of makes my life easier, will use batch minting, fill in the traits myself yeah

thank youu

Before you do this I highly suggest you test this out on goerli testnet and try listing/selling there as well so you know what you’re in for with 999 pieces.

yeah 999 is a lot, i can do 666 I’ll see. Mint cost? probably

Will do.

but what can i say i like to make my life harder lmao

Depending on where you want to list to sell, listing that many may be difficult.

true, the gallery? tho I’d have to list them separately with days in between and not all together.