Get lost with my wallet adresses! I signed in the manifold, created the contract, minted tokens with the wrong wallet adress!

Hello! I was completely lost with my wallet adresses and as a beginner with manifold, i signed into manifold, created the contract, minted tokens in it and created a claim page with a wrong wallet adress.

I wanted this contract to be as my first collection on Foundation. And only now i realise that my Foundation wallet adress is different and i made a mistake!!

Please help me! What will be the best to do in this situation?

I guess i need to delete my manifold contract, sign in again with a proper wallet adress (my foundation wallet adress) to manifold, after create a new smart contract, to mint again with a proper wallet adress. And only after that this collection will appear in my Foundation profile as it should be. Right?

Will be very grateful for your support!
Thanks for the attention!)

you won’t be able to ‘delete’ your old contract but creating a new one from the correct wallet sounds like what you’re looking to do. FND will ingest that one.

thank u so much for the reply!)