getNFTsOfOwner returns null `image`, `metadata`, and `name` for some tokens (Goerli network)

I’m working with the Connect Widget/Data Client and am retrieving the set of NFTs owned in a particular test contract in the Goerli network. However, 2 of the 5 token IDs come back with null values for image, metadata, and name despite appearing correctly in the Manifold UI and showing a proper count value.

When I locate the offending tokens on Manifold and view their metadata, it appears just fine.


Could you let me know the tokenId and the contract address of the token please? I can take a look and try to query the data myself

Contract Address: 0xc3a64dee7fe4d313f2c398412b51579a534f9c28

Token ID: 5

Here’s the object I receive back from the API call:

  "contractAddress": "0xc3a64dee7fe4d313f2c398412b51579a534f9c28",
  "tokenId": "5",
  "ownerAddress": "0x00000f01d0f9aa06a52c0bf3cf5cd47ba22fd5eb",
  "name": null,
  "image": null,
  "metadata": null,
  "count": "1",
  "spec": "erc1155",
  "lastTimestamp": 1672381176

Again, the token appears to be fine in the Manifold Studio dashboard, but won’t return me valid info via the Data Client.

Could you post your api call as well please?

Nothing too fancy – it amounts to this:

await dataClient.getNFTsOfOwner({
  filters: [{ contractAddress: "0xc3a64dee7fe4d313f2c398412b51579a534f9c28" }],

Hi all, my team is having this same issue. After deploying a new smart contract and minting two tokens, the connect widget displays them correctly on the page. However, the app displays null values for all custom token metadata on the web app for any tokens minted after our initial release. Do we need to refresh the Manifold app somehow? I am using a similar setup as ofoid.

This is my function to view the nft: (This is all one React function, please disregard the random code blocks)

function ViewNFT(addr) {
const [nfts, setNfts] = useState([]);
const [authenticated, setAuthenticated] = useState(false);
const extAddr = addr;

window.addEventListener(‘m-authenticated’, async (event) => {
// Get the data client instance
const client = event.detail.client;

// Get the NFTs owned by the currently connected wallet
// Data client API's can be found here:
setNfts(await client.getNFTsOfOwner({
    filters: [
            contractAddress: _coreAddress

window.addEventListener(‘m-unauthenticated’, async (event) => {

return (
        <h1>Your Available NFTs</h1>
        {authenticated ? (
            <div id="nfts">
                { => {
                return (
                <div className='nftView'>
                <img key={`${nft.tokenId}-${nft.contractAddress}`} src={getHTTP(nft.image, nft)} height={200} width={200}></img>
                <p className='nftData'> Token ID: {nft.tokenId} </p>
                <p className='nftData'> Owner Of The Token: {getOwner(nft)} </p>
                <p className='nftData'> Token Type: {getTokenType(nft)} </p>
                {getTokenType(nft) == "Recipient" ? (
                    <MyClass tokenID={nft.tokenId} typeToken={false} max={getDollarsTotal(nft)}/>
                ) : (
                    <MyClass tokenID={nft.tokenId} typeToken={true} max={getDollarsTotal(nft)}/>
        ) : (
            <h2>You have not yet connected with your MetaMask wallet, please do so in the top right</h2>



In my Main js function, I instantiate the connect app like this:

                        marginTop: "-0px",
                        marginBottom: "-0px",
                        display: "flex",
                        flexDirection: "row",
                        justifyContent: "center"

            <MyClass />

This is the metadata for a custom NFT. We have several of these which are returning null values for name, description, image, and metadata.

Token metadata: {“name”:“Recipient Token”,“created_by”:“Colton Payne”,“description”:“This is a recipient token. This is the description for test contract 14.”,“attributes”:[{“trait_type”:“Artist”,“value”:“Colton Payne”},{“trait_type”:“token_type”,“value”:“Recipient”},{“display_type”:“number”,“trait_type”:“donation_dollars_recieved”,“value”:1000,“max_value”:“50000”}],“image”:“ipfs://bafybeidejjtmzcrbriy5o2cby4vdugxxfehmdeoh2jmtktl4kjgwfet4z4/blob”}

Hey ofoid and ETHDEV, so sorry for the late reply. Want to let you know I will be looking into this on Monday.

Curious if the request still returning null name and image for you? Our data client might not work as expected for goerli (This is something I will look into on Monday), but Mainnet is quite reliable.