Getting from a listing page to querying the creator's marketplace using developer API

As an example, I have queried this page:

I extracted the embedded JSON data:

  "id": 1743720688,
  "creator": {
    "id": 2112909552,
    "image": null,
    "name": "Medusa Marie",
    "twitterUrl": "",
    "address": "0x33fa380088a9bcafd0b2dbfc40cdefd60515329f"
  "name": "Uncomfortable Truths ",
  "image": ",q_80,w_1024/2f8e7242adb86cb5e71a247484f0ade939a83cef6071eb4bf269ce09cbedb13a.jpg",
  "description": "After a long day at work, it is time to go home now, so you walk to your car and realize you're completely alone in the garage, with your keys spread out across your fingers your steps become longer and faster. Ready to press the alarm if you feel like there’s danger. You get close - jump in your car, automatically lock the door and sigh in relief. Walking alone at night is scary, right? \nIt's finally feeling like spring, and you put on a new sundress and decide to go on a walk alone and get some fresh air, your roommate empathetically reminds you to take a purse with you so you can carry your pepper spray. It is better to be safe right? \nAt university orientation, you watch an anti-sexual harassment skit and then the administration announces its new self-defense class - you know, so it doesnt happen to you. \nWOMEN ARE TAUGHT TO LIVE BY A RAPE SCHEDULE. \nUN Women estimates that every 1 in 3 women will face gender based violence at least once in their lifetime. This may read as a statistic to you, but to most women it reads as a reality we have learned to live around. Every woman is conditioned to place restrictions or make alterations to their lifestyle in order to avoid sexual harassment, like sisyphus we have to do things throughout the day to protect ourselves from sexual assault. \n",
  "slug": "uncomfortable-truths",
  "endDate": null,
  "startDate": null,
  "requirements": {
    "tokenUrl": "",
    "claimType": "erc721",
    "isPayable": true,
    "arweaveURL": "",
    "audienceId": null,
    "claimIndex": 2141729008,
    "extensionAddress": "0xa46f952645d4deec07a7cd98d1ec9ec888d4b61e",
    "fallbackProvider": "",
    "mediaIsLandscape": false,
    "creatorContractAddress": "0x3b41c39e3500f7e0a429d1da9d0621e84a85359c"
  "campaignType": "claim",
  "data": null

So I extract the creatorContractAddress and create the URL:

curl -s ""

…but I get:


…same for active, where I would expect to see at least the item I queried from:

curl -s ""

What am I doing wrong? Just to be thorough I’ve tried other combinations of addresses and numbers from the data. Specifically what I am trying to do is see data about a marketplace’s listed NFTs in the case where it’s before the first mint has happened.

Claim pages are not listings on our marketplace, so the marketplace API will not have the data.

What are you looking for? All claim pages that have not been minted yet?

Yes. We have a web site where you can see your NFTs. Some marketplaces show NFTs before they’ve hit the blockchain. When the creators come to our site sometimes they are surprised that they don’t see these NFTs and I would like to be able to show them even if they’re in this state.