Getting the exact manifold URL for claim pages

Assume we have only the NFT token address, is there a way to get the exact manifold URL (i.e, ???

Gm! Would love to know what you’re expecting. Are you looking to for a profile page? Some kind of public portfolio page?

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I’m preparing an external service. Since we can only see the info on the token, we need a tool such as an API to know the exact manifold link with the token info.

Not right now. What is that external service aiming to do? :slight_smile:

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Hey aguspunk, it’s been a while. We’ve talked on Discord before.

We’re building a music NFT aggregator and player, Ooh La La.

Recently, we’ve started the integration of music from Manifold. But since we’re only seeing the token information, we cannot attach the direct manifold link for each track. That’s why I’m asking you about this. I hope you can give me a solution soon.

You can see and listen to music from Manifold here! (including all other web3 music)

When do you think we can do that?

hmm this is not something we support right now unfortunately. Def something we can look into but no ETA for that yet.