Getting the same issue all the time. "something went wrong, check your connection and refresh the page" (erc721 edition mint)

“Something went wrong, check your connection and refresh the page” - I got this message all the time.

I tried to mint another erc721 edition under an already-existing manifold collection.
Made 2 or 3 transactions, but the last and final one, gas was probably too low set, and I reseted the transaction by replacing it with another trx. (that’s the cheapest way - sending zero eth to your own wallet with the same nonce.)

Now I can´t open it again, I already 20 dollars in gas, could check it please @devs

Btw having no real support system is very sad, I had a different problem with the limitation 500mb with the claim page too, the bo was saying "reach out to the support, lol which one? I even wrote to oryvell direct - no response.

Hi. Can you please share your failed transactions?

Dude. Have you paid Manifold to use the contracts?
It’s FREE to use.

You want to SAVE money and mint for next to nothing. Which sounds to me like you have messed up your wallet and now need to reset the settings…

And yet, you want them to respond to you when you want them to. Time costs money too.

I get the frustration. But come on, have a little respect, and appreciate what they have built for us.

The transaction you posted is a cancelled transaction. Which is why the UX shows it failed. (You can see it’s a transaction to yourself).

What are you trying to do?

I am sorry but u are talking from respect? How are talking to me? Did saved money no! If I compare it for example third web, the mint is cheaper. If I use opensea - the mint is cheaper, if use rarible, the mint is cheaper. So what exactly are you talking about?

I am respectful, so please be respectful too. I got frustrated if things are not working like it should. like in my case, everything is already set up, if the last trx didn´t run through I usually should be able to just repeat my last trx.

If manifold is offering a token-gated website, and in the BO it was telling you to reach out the customer service, but there is no customer - sure I am frustrated too.

last but least, “messed up your wallet and now you need to reset the settings” what do mean, pls stop giving stupid advice.

I canceled the last trx because I set up gas too low and it was not going through for 2 days. I just want to finish my mint. it is 3 trx - 2 of them are done, but I am not able to go further, because I got always the error in the BO like mentioned above.

I see. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Probably in an odd state right now due to the last cancelled tx, but should be fixable.

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Also, responses will be delayed as it is the weekend.

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Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-04 um 16.56.23

All good and thank you, the extension is on mainnet, just the last trx is missing.

So when you open it, it automatically goes into the ‘Confirming Last Transaction’ state and pops up ‘Something went wrong’?

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Exactly, this. I just open it up, it says confirm last trx - error.


Thank you for bringing this issue up to us. This issue should be fixed and you should be able to mint again. We are going to release a patch for this and you should not encounter this issue in the future.

Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

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thank you a lot, that’s amazing.