GIF upload somehow turns into a static jpeg?

Having issues where a GIF is uploading as a JPEG to arweave through the manifold token interface. Have uploaded similar gifs before without this issue.

Any ideas how to solve? I tried uploading the gif a second time as an update and the same issue.

Have you tested out a different GIF? Nothing has changed on our end. How big is the file/length? Do you have a link to how it looks on a platform?

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Yes I’ve actually tested it by uploading a gif i’ve uploaded before.

Previous successful upload

Recent attempt to upload the same gif. Somehow it turns into a jpeg….

Do you mind sharing with us the png file you used please?

Forum hiding my previous link to the high res gif…

View the full screen version and right click save

Managed to solve this. Not sure why but I kept trying and it finally worked and uploaded the gif.

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