Glitch while creating burn/redeem page

I’m running into an issue on step 2 of creating a burn/redeem claim page. This is on the page labeled " Select Burn Tokens" . I select my 1155 Contract and it highlights. The correct tokens appear below and I select the Token ID I want to burn and it highlights as well. I click next and proceed but the selections did not save. If I go back or publish the page, it shows NONE as selected and the burn page requests access to all NFTs since no specific contract has been indicated on the burn page.

Thank you for any potential help.

Sorry for the trouble king pickle! Putting in a patch. One question in the meantime: what happens when you continue onward to the final screen? Does the overview on the final Review page show correct information or does it also show Undefined for the token etc? Thanks!

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Thanks for the response Johnny!!

The final “Publish” step does show the correct contract burn name. That was what made me first just think it was a UI issue and I published the page. Then when I did, I realized it was asking for access to all NFTs instead of just that burn contract indicated on the final page.

Let me know if any more info I can provide would help

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Oof, yeah that sounds no good. In the recreation process right now, then I will patch and let you know here when it’s safe to try again. Thank you so much for the clear description and report!

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Just pushed out a patch that should fix that UNDEFINED on the redemption configuration page. I’ve also added a sanity check on the overview page where you should be able to see the 1155 burn token’s name. See below:

Give it a whirl and let me know how it looks on your end. Maybe start from step 2 just in case but that should be about it!

YOU FIXED IT!!! You are a genius! Thank you thank you!! Love the sanity check on the last page haha, Incredible work.

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Woooo this rules so happy to hear it. Closing this out and thank you again for the report + patience :pray: