Glitch with multiple auction winners

A couple of weeks ago an auction began for a single edition piece (link below)

There were multiple bidders on this piece & one of those sent me a screenshot showing they had won the auction at 2ETH. The auction however finalised at 2.5ETH by a different bidder. (Screenshot of the 2ETH bidder attached)

Would it be possible to get some clarity as to why this might have happened so I can get back to them?

anyone able to provide some clarity on this?

So, since the blockchain is asynchronous, the local clock could indicate the acution is over and you’re the final bid, but a new block within the auction time can come in shortly after that was still valid (i.e. the block was processed prior to the auction end) and reach the person’s computer right after their local clock passed the end time, putting them into this state where they see themselves as the winner but then they lose out. However the screen should have automatically refreshed to show the new bidder. If that didn’t happen, we’re going to investigate that.

We’re going to add some handling so that you aren’t shown as the winner until a minute after the auction ends to account for this case.