GLTF (3D file) not displaying correctly in Burn Site

Hey community! I have created a burn page that is going to burn a still image for a 3D Files, the setup went well except that now the GLTF file is displayed really small but that isn’t the main issue.

It seems that in the CSS vh (view height) is set to 80% for the section that contains the 3D File so the users cannot click the CONFIRM BUTTON because is out of the window and given that it’s a popup a scroll bar doesn’t appear.

I have already tried with other 3D Files/Browsers/Mobile but the issue is still there. Any suggestions?

The PopUp and how the button is out of reach

And the CSS line that’s I think is causing the bug

Here is the link for the burn site 3D BAG - Starbucks is coming (


Heyo, just in case you don’t see this in the other thread for the same bug, this is fixed now! Can’t thank you enough for the report and patience.

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TYSM!! Looks awesome!

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