Goerli Deployment errors

Hello - having issues with goerli deployment. internet connection is good. i have 0 pending transactions. i have 0.5ETH goerliETH. cleared local storage. Running chrome (all updated) on a 2021 macbook pro (also all updated). Also - metamask never pops up for approvals.

Yes, I have the same problem too. Any way to resolve this?

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Getting the same as well for the last hour! Hoping for a solution soon!

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Same issue still occurring – many users discussing this on Discord. Seems to be down atm. Team is aware and working on it.

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Yes, I have the same problem too.

Great thank you! If you could let us know when resolved that would be great!

Same problem last 6 hours too. How i can create new Smart Contract?


So sorry for the issue you are having, this issue should be fixed now could you try again please?

It now works! Thank you to you and the team for resolving!

Thank you! Now its works!

all good. thx! and - wowza. so smooth how well everything works. absolutely brilliant.