Goerli hanging?

I searched, but no similar issues AFAIK. Trying to mint a single token but the Minting on Goerli stage has been hanging for over an hour “MINTING TOKEN Waiting for mint transaction to be mined.” . I tried to speed up the transaction, but it still hung. Tried to cancel the transaction in my wallet, but it was then Pending too (with a gas price). I tried to speed that up, but it is now just looking like it’s pending too, in the wallet transaction log.
Will it ever get thru this Pending stage, given I can’t seem to cancel it, or do anything else while it is pending.
Just wanted to do a quick mint

Hi - Can you sign out of Studio and trying clearing your local storage? Hopefully this does the trick.

thanks I tried that, but there are still pending transactions in my metamask for that network, which I can’t seem to delete, from each time I’ve tried to Mint to Goerli. is there anything else to try before I have to Reset my MM, a last resort, but at least in Goerli I don’t have a long history of transactions to lose by doing that. Could I mint to Mainnet and bypass G? (but that won’t solve it for next time I need to do a Goerli transaction, if the Pending ones are still there).

Further, unfortunately there don’t seem to be any transaction ids for the first pending transaction, and (understandably) the 2 in the queue behind it, so I’m not sure I can use that (slightly confusing/tricky) method of replicating the NONCE and making the gas higher, assuming that works in Goerli too. I don’t know what to do!! Feeling quite stuck. Help please!

ok, what a relief. a couple of hours after my last response, where the pending transactions had been there for 15+ hours, plying various strategies, they seem to have passed thru and I’m glad I don’t have to reset my mm. Just needed time.
I’m curious, presumably the reason was that gas in Goerli transaction was too low in the first transaction? Is that set by Manifold or by MM? Was Goerli especially busy that a perhaps otherwise standard transaction got held up? Please discuss :slightly_smiling_face: