Happy Holidays! Just a heads up…


Just a heads up: The Manifold team is breaking for the Holiday and end-of-year season and will be back at our keyboards on January 3rd, 2023. Until then we’ll be taking a pause on reviewing and planning from individual issues, requests, and ideas here in the forum.

Thanks for being such a meaningful part of our Manifold Community! Our products and tools are deeply rooted in the interesting and unique work digital creators are bringing to the world and we are so stoked they are of such value to everyone here. LFG to 2023!


Really? so there is no help being provided to users for 11 days?

You all have done so much for all us artists recently! You deserve the time off! Dont mind the folks who dont see that!! coughcoughouvracoughcough

even if the allowlist feature is down for xmas ? seriously ? :unamused:

thank you for everything you do! enjoy a well deserved rest!

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Enjoy the break, y’all!! Happy Holidays and Happiest of New Years! We’ll be here in 2023 when you return!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!! PEACE and :mushroom::mushroom::mushroom::mushroom::mushroom:

We were able to identify the issue and it should be resolved now. Please let us know if you are still having issues!

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