Heic file used as thumbnail instead of jpg. do i need to burn token?

Hey all, new to manifold still. Just minted my 2nd erc 721 token from my new 1 of 1s collection. I used an iphone photo as the thumbnail (heic file) not knowing that opensea would not support it. Now i have a collection where one token shows the thumbnail and the second token is a blank grey box as the thumbnail. not sure what todo next. even if i burn the token wouldnt it still show up on the collection? is there a way to hide it on all platforms? i would just mint another with a fixed thumbnail but i dont want the token to display twice.

thanks in advance

gm! Instead of burning the token, you can also update the thumbnail image to something like a .jpg or .png for the existing token. Tokens can be updated with new metadata. That should solve this issue!

oh sick i didnt notice that was editable once minted. oops. thank you so much haha

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