Hello I am new here and having issues minting my contract bc I am missing buttons?

hello, I am new and having issues minting on manifold bc my screen doesn’t have all the buttons for some reason although my wallet is connected. I don’t have the option on my screen to deploy, nor do I have the main net button. Thank you

gm! Can you take a screenshot of how things are looking from your screen?

Our documentation might help you get situated. You’ll also find a series of video tutorials that may help you get oriented around Manifold Studio.

Here’s what I am seeing.

Ah I see! Got it - What you’re seeing is to be expected, once you’ve filled in the fields for the contract, you’ll be able to deploy it. This guide here will be helpful and walk you through the process.

But I did complete all the fields on the second screen and it didn’t make any new difference. I don’t have access to the same buttons on the first screen as in the YouTube video, I don’t have a cost estimator or a mainnet button?

Hello there, can you help? Thanks

I’m wondering if it’s an extension that is blocking these elements from appearing. Are you able to test this out on a different browser?

I am not sure, I am using Chrome.

The other server I have is safari and metamask doesn’t connect with safari to connect the wallet.

We typically recommend Firefox as well.

Hello, I was able to access the site through Firefox, however, now I don’t have access to the Go to dashboard button on the site to edit the contract and add music. I am attempting to create a music NFT on manifold, thanks.