Help! 0xsplits with selling on

Is there anyway to use 0xsplits for primary sales (and secondary sales) when selling a limited edition 721s on I have multiple collaborators which need to be paid for each sale. I’m thinking of blocking opensea and possibly offering the primary sales only though Manifold.

For primary sales there’s actually a splitter built into the tool. You can define the splits there.

The royalties you set in Manifold are on-chain royalties and this will cover any platform that respects on chain royalties.

Amazing can I enter the 0xsplits there for primary (unless Manifold’s splitter can handle up to 8 addresses)? And also, apologies first time using Manifold, where is the splits section? In the gallery app or claims? Thanks for replying!

Hi, I am looking through the docs and can’t seem to find any info on this. Can you please direct me to it or is it possible to give a little more detail how this tool works?


The split section would be in the gallery app

You can hit the “Add recipient” button to add more addresses