HELP! Claim Page Issues with Airdrop

Gm Manifold

2 big issues - please help completely stuck?!

1 - Prior to closing my claim page 9/69 claimed (i airdropped 20 nfts to my own wallet) so the page now says 29/69 claimed - however on Opensea and foundation only 11/20 are showing … 9 missing! I anticipate 9 might be somehow related to the 9 claimed … but either way I need these back?! This is problem no. 1 and it looks awful on foundation page .

2 - I airdropped these 20 nfts to myself so that they could become redeem assets for a new burn redeem with previous nft’s set up on manifold claim pages - but within the burn redeem app it seems to want me to upload assets for redeem rather than choose from an existing nft on my wallet which is a complete mess - please can you help.

Really appreciate your help here!!! Thx, d

Thanks for reaching out.

  • Can you send us the a link to the claim page where those tokens were minted?

  • Can you describe what you mean when you say it looks awful on Foundation? The platform has a few limitations on what i can display such as file size formats etc

  • The burn redeem allows you to setup a campaign for a new token, it doesn’t allow to redeem an existing token which maybe the confusion you’re running into

Thank you Lyndo

  • this issue has been resolved due to a resynching transaction between the claim page and the metadata which has been carried out resolving point 1 and 2 above (2 was that that images were not syncing and rendering on foundation) this also now resolved and refreshed after updating transaction sync and discussion with fnd team.
    -point 3 is unfortunate as i was (incorrectly) under the impression any nft could be used as a redeem? what about the option of it being treated as an external redeem?
    -less critical now but still would be great to allow a created minted nft on manifold to be a redemption asset?
    either way really appreciate your assistance and getting back to me thank you.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll keep this one in mind.

Unfortunately that isn’t supported right now. Any token can be used as the burn token, but for the redemption token each campaign will be a new token - In the case study you mention the burned token was External and a new token was created with a new Manifold token.