Help: Contract Deployed in UI, but not visible onchain

Hi There! Trying to deploy from testnet to main for the past 3 days. It reads as awaiting verification, but with no progress. Unable to delete and redeploy (as delete is disabled and token code conflicts with existing entry)

Manifold UI says the contract is deployed on ETH Main even though it appears to not exist on chain and the txn hash given has 0 results on mainnet explorer.

I suspect a failed txn in the Testnet>Mainnet migration, and this threw off the Manifold UI to read a false positive?

Public Key: 0x2812195BE21D9f86b7dc15c9242d18D4Ba66988c
Testnet Contract:

Ideally I want to deploy the contract ASAP and can’t delete the old one, or progress the current one. I’d appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the issue you are having, we are taking a look and will let you know!

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Could you try navigating to your contract now please? A pop up should appear asking you to select different options. Choosing the “cancelled” option will let you redeploy the contract

Very speedy help guys - many thanks! I’ve successfully redeployed and already live on Mainnet :slight_smile: Appreciate all your time on this.

Issue solved!

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