Help: My contract does not appear in my creations and I want to mint another piece

I made a contract (721) in dec 2023 and minted one piece, I was going to mint more 1/1s there but it does not appear under my contracts.

The only contract that appears there is an older one.



gm! Thanks for reaching out - To clarify, are you not seeing this in your inventory? Or are you not seeing this when you’re trying to create a specific drop format?

gm! thanks for aswering.

I don’t see in on creations or when I click create and try to create a 1/1 (721) or any other option under create I just see another contract from a previous collection.

That contract was the beginning of a collection but if for some reason it is discontinued at least I would like to be able to delete it and change it to another contract.

Hi 409,

We identified the issue, and you should have access to the 409 1/1 contract when you sign into Studio with the wallet cuatroceronueve.eth (Just make sure you are on the workspace IIM)

It looks like you may have created this contract previously on our old version of Studio while logged into wallet 0x675.. but deployed it with cuatroceronueve.eth (0x452..) – which you are using to login to Studio now.
We previously only granted access to view the contract if you were signed into studio with 0x675..

We gave this new wallet (cuatroceronueve.eth) permissions to access the contracts created by 0x675.. , so you should be unblocked now.

Sorry for any trouble, and let me know if that’s not the case.


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You can access different workspaces by clicking the user icon in the top right–when logged into studio.

Then select a workspace from the dropdown.

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It works now. Thanks a lot.

I must have been testing with my alternate wallet and didn’t realize because in the end I signed with the main wallet.

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