Help needed, listing shows as sold out but no activity/eth showm

Hi, I have an issue with my listing.

It shows as sold out but the token is still in Manifold gallery and not in collector’s wallet and I haven’t received eth in my wallet. It’s a 1/1 and very important to me.

It’s this one:

Thank you!

Gm! Thanks for bringing this up - We’ll look into it.

GM, thank you so much, trying to resolve it, want the piece to go to collector’s wallet.

Also, one more thing - when I log in with a different wallet, it shows I can buy it and I minted it as a 1/1. So strange.

i have the same issue. mine was originally here

i saw that it wasn’t actually sold so i cancelled the listing and tried to relist and it did the same thing

Did you manage to resolve it in the end?

Thanks for reaching out - We’ve just deploted a fix

Thanks again for reaching out - Should be fixed!

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I see it’s available for sale again.
So no one bought it actually, right?

Also, can I somehow change the days to the end of the listing? Or that doesn’t matter at all, the collector will get the token right away?

Thank you so much for your assistance!