Help please ipfs/arweave

hi all for the nft metadata I can use arweave I load them before deploying my smart contract so that manifold can find the mint metadata thanks I’m waiting for your reply

Gm - When creating tokens with Manifold Studio, the artwork is automatically uploaded to Arweave for you. If you’re looking to update the token URI with a file that has already been uploaded, you can do so as well. Some more info here:

of course but I have a collection of 10,000 items when an external wallet uses the app to mint it how metadata is attributed

Ah, currently we don’t support this kind of functionality out of the box. It’s a tool we’re looking into but not a Manifold app at this time.

Creator have done this kind of mechanic manually, but it will require a bit more work on your end, I’ve linked an example of a user doing this in the chat below.

did he set that ipfs because he uploaded it there is it collected?