Help - Trying to write a specific contract with mainfold


I’m new, looking for a home, for my professional 25% max royalty work.
Basically an ERC 721 smart contract solution, where the UX can allow me to seamlessly do the following:

1a. Park all my information to my arweave location (metadata, viewable file content(s)) using my ar:// base uri.
1b. with a private/lockable content (1GB), preferably on arweave if a file; better would be a simple private link pointer (that way I upload and manage all the files via
2. Royalty permissions on chain, via the smart contract and/or metadata
3. Lazy minted, so the buyer pays for gas fees.
4. Uses the Base URI of ar:// scheme, instead of the scheme.
5. Fixed, Auction with base price hidden, Buy Now and Make Offer payments, with choice between cash and ETH.

Ultimately what I’m trying to achieve is future proofing of permanence by publishing to the Ethereum blockchain, with storage on arweave where I can purposely and manually park information to my, while being cost efficient to list the NFTs for sale.

Essentially all I’m asking for is an on-chain 721 contract solution that I can use with my various collections, that points to my arweave location of choice, for the metadata.

Please help me find a solution, and let me know cant’s and can do’s.