Help with clearing 100s of claim page drafts!

I tired to create a claim page, the page was eternally loading, without any progress, and after i exited and closed the browser and logged back into the manifold studio, now there are about 100 draft claim pages, how can i clean this up? its super confusing to have all of it, and painful to delete one by one, which is what im stuck doing at the moment

any suggestions would be much appreciated

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention - We’re current investigating this issue and will keep you updated.

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Can you try refreshing your page now? We’ve cleared all the instances.

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Thank you so much! Its all cleared up on the claim page apps,

however there seems to be some unclickable placeholders of sorts in the contract token section, its no bother in terms of functionality, but just letting you know

If you refresh now do they disappear?

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Thank you! its all resolved. :pray: :pray: :pray: