Hi minted an open edition with 5 limit per wallet its not letting me airdrop more than 5 from my wallet

Hi i minted an open ediition on the claim page and put a limit on wallets not realizing that it will put a limit on my own wallet… I want to airdrop this open edition to my previous collectors, I already airdropped to 5… How can I resolve this? thankyou in advance for taking time.


Are you using the airdrop page? It’s in claim app > click claim > top right click ‘Airdrop’. There’s no restriction I’m aware of.

Otherwise please share your address and link to the claim page.

thank you soo much for replying, I actually figured out how to airdrop, but it took soo long for it show up etherscan that’s what threw me off… some of them showed up the next day…