Hidden Properties not hidden

Hey there,

I have set up different tokens and minted them via my contracts.
The problem is I thought hidden properties should be only visible to people who have minted the token
until someone approached me and told me that all of the file links under hidden properties are visible and accessible to everyone.

In the screenshot attached, you see I put them up as hidden, but they show for everyone under the token ID.
How can I fix this in the future, or what is the current problem?

Thank you in advance!

[Screenshots related to the issue]

Links related to the issue

Hidden properties means that they are hidden on opensea’s display but they are still visible in the raw metadata.

Hi Wilkins.eth,

Thank you for always having my back :sweat_smile:
Is there a way to gate them without relying on centralized tools again or making it too complicated?


Unfortunately not. :frowning: