Home Page Error and upload errors

hey so its been a couple days and the little recent contract news\info on the home page isnt loading. ive tried logging out and disconnect\reconnect wallet. any other suggestions?

Also i havent been able to upload any new burn redeem claim pages. every time i try to upload an existing draft page it gives me an “execution reverted error”.

On the Burn Redeem issue, can you open your console and show what error it might be giving?

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+1 to what wilkins.eth asked

Addendum: Can you also verify for me what network you are using inside of your wallet? I presume it is using “Mainnet Ethereum” but it is helpful to know for sure when debugging. Thank you!

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Side note, your home page should properly load now. Thanks for the report.

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On the BR side. Can you let me know which BR it is?

I see the last one initialized on chain by your walelt was 13 days ago https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfc313cde6d5eaf9af04fa8cb8eb8f01c1f2f29a866aa0dbe733a42a51a41ec65, is presume this isn’t the one you’re having issues with?

im not sure what you’re asking by what error. all that shows on my end is the red message in the screengrab. it doesnt open my wallet or anything.

home page is working now! thank you

confirmed im on the ethereum mainnet. its both of the existing drafts i have set up for burn redeem. i created a new page with all the same details and went to upload and it went through but I rejected transaction because gas was too high. so any existing drafts are throwing that error but new creations are going through? i havent tried making a new one again

Can you try opening your console and showing us what errors you see?
Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq.

is pocket universe screwing it up?

Perfect. I’ll report back. Thank you so much alienvated! The issue seems to be that when you’re on the review page it thinks it’s already “Live”. So when you’re clicking publish, it’s actually calling the update method on chain. That method then fails to estimate gas, as you haven’t actually gotten to initialize that burn yet! Will push up a fix very soon.

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Fix is live!

Can you please hit Publish once again and report back?

A good sign all is well before you click is that it should now say Unpublished as the status on that page instead of Live now.

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Fixed!! Thank you so much you all are amazing!!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :purple_heart:

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LFG love to hear it. Closing this thread out for now! Cheers alienvted