How am I able to add a contract to my Manifold account

I am trying to create an open edition and cannot get past how to create the contract. It is saying " Adding Nifty Gateway contracts is currently only available for select creators. Please contact to request access." Thank you for the help!

gm! To confirm - Are you working with a producer from Nifty Gateway on an upcoming drop? Or is the drop completed and you’re looking to import the collector stats?

Adding a Nifty Gateway contract is for creators who have previously had a Nifty Gateway drop and would like to import collectors to their dashboard. The feature you’ve mentioned isn’t to setup a drop mechanic like Open Editions on NG.

Following my question in difficulty thread, if I have to use a Nifty Gateway’s contract for my genesis drop there (I am an artist and was just accepted as a publisher), can I export or add that Nifty’s contract to my current Manifold?

Hmmm - It doesn’t sound like you will be able to import those tokens. A Burn&Redeem will need to be done if they are minted with NG and you’re looking to migrate over to your own contract.

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