How Can I Airdrop *After* Minting or Publishing?

(Disclaimer: I’m sure I’m not fully grasping these overall concepts, just FYI)

In ZORA Creator, with the collections you’ve already created, at any time you can access an “Airdrop” or an “Admin Mint” function from within the Manage Collection admin panel…

Is there a similar mechanic in Manifold Studio to simply airdrop one token or copy to someone after the editions/copies/claims have been initially minted/published?

When I’m minting a 721 (and/or 1155, can’t recall if it’s there too) in Manifold Studio I do see the option to “airdrop” or to “mint to my own wallet” initially…

Am I just missing how to do this afterward?

Thanks for any insight,

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Ok, I do now see the " Airdropping additional 1155 Tokens" section in the Airdrops section in the Docs…