How can I transfer an 1155 NFT to a list of addresses in 1 transaction

Hi, we created an NFT 1155 a month ago and did not follow the ‘Claim Page’ flow. Apparently we can’t create a Claim page anymore now.
We want to do a free airdrop now to 35 wallets from our community. I can see them all in my wallet on OpenSea, but am looking for another way to save on gas than sending them one-by-one. Is there any way to do this with Manifold ? If not, what’s another option ?

At this point, the tokens will need to be transferred individually - We have a private listing feature with Manifold Gallery but it only allows for a single address. It’s great feedback for us as we can start looking to solutions to help creators in your position!

Thanks so much and indeed, would be great to be able to still create a claim page or do a bulk transfer. We love manifold !