How do I list editions?

I’ve minted an NFT of 25 editions. But when I try to list it I can only list them individually :sweat_smile:
I’ve seen peeps list editions frequently, but cant find anything in the documents. How do I do it?

What error are you getting? Are you using the Gallery app?

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HI Hello :wave:
Thanks for getting back to me, sorry for late response - I was super busy prepping and launching a whole world yesterday :sweat_smile:
Yeah I was using Gallery app. So I minted 25 editions, but I haven’t found a way to list them all as one edition rather than individual listings.
Looking at some other peeps, I probably should have gone with Claim app, but here we are :sweat_smile: Is there a way to list them all as one edition, rather than individual NFTs?
Thanks again,