How does Manifold make money?

‘How does Manifold make money?’

“How does Manifold make money?” We get this question a lot - and wanted to share an update with the community on what we’re thinking and how we plan to move forward.

The main question we’ve been asking ourselves with regards to monetization is: how can we best align our fee structure with the interests of the broader creator community, while providing a path to sustainability for Manifold?

We’ve considered a percentage-based fee on all sales, however, it has never sat well with us. We didn’t want a fee structure that incentivized us to build with any greater focus towards larger creators or those doing more volume. It’s important to us to stand by our mission of building sovereign tools for ALL creators. No exceptions.

So beginning later this month, we’ll be introducing a small flat fee charged to buyers of items collected through Manifold Apps.

Here’s how it works:

Collectors minting pieces from Apps like Claim Pages or Burn Redeem will pay a flat per-piece fee on purchase. 100% of revenue STILL goes directly to the creator. Think of it as a tiny Manifold gas fee that helps us keep the lights on to keep building.

The most sustainable thing to do long-term is to be aligned with Ethereum itself. So, no matter the cost of your mint, the Manifold fee will be the same, similar to how gas costs are independent of value exchanged in a transaction.

Deploying a smart contract and minting NFTs via Manifold Studio will ALWAYS BE FREE.

We think things like 1/1’s, series and batch mints from studio, and airdrops are important elements of our ecosystem to always keep free for creators.


We’ll be adding upgraded functionality to our Burn-Redeem app to introduce fees in the next few weeks. The expected fee for this application will be 0.00069 ETH (~$1) per mint.

Claims will follow later this month with a similar contract upgrade.

We’ll share more details and dates as we get closer to the launch of each fee update and will be as transparent as possible during the process.

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Can ‘per piece’ be detailed a bit more? Per token, or per tx?

In the case of a free open edition claim, with max 10 tokens to claim per wallet, will this result in .00069x10 for a ‘max mint’, or .00069 total for a 10 token claim? Perhaps free mints are not considered a sale and therefore do not apply a fee? If so the same question applies for a paid claim.


Yes that is correct - The fee will be 0.00069 per token. The fee will be applied whether or not the token is a free mint.


Hi lyndo,

For the upcoming claim app contract… Will the fee still apply if minting directly on contract or using a 3rd party claim interface? We may develop our own claim pages for branding/customization. I assume the fees would still be applied at the contract level.

Thx for your help, keep up the great work!

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The nominal fee would still apply. That said, the contract is designed such that you could certainly create your own front end and we encourage this.

See our developer widgets Widgets - Manifold Docs (more to come) for components that can help you get started quickly.

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